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Our vision is to provide an accessible mobile/web interface for anyone to interact with our lab’s AI projects in medical imaging. Xray4All supports multiple tasks such as X-ray and histopathology slide analysis. Our platform analyzes your uploaded images on a secure cloud backend and provides a probabilistic interpretation for different medical conditions. You can also “teach” our AI agents by providing labeled images or correcting its reported interpretations.

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By using Xray4All and providing your feedback you are contributing to a state of-the-art research project in medical imaging. Partner with us if you are interested in being a part of this project.
Disclaimer: Our platform is for RESEARCH USE ONLY, and there is no guarantee that the produced interpretations are accurate. Hence the interpretations should NOT be used for clinical use. Any images you upload must be completely free of Protected Health Information (PHI). Additionally, the platform operates as is -- may sometimes be subject to unavailability, and thus cannot induce or create reliance of others on this platform.

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Pranav Rajpurkar
PhD Student
Amirhossein Kiani
Masters Student
Jeremy Irvin
Masters Student
Matt Lungren
Andrew Ng

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Our platform was recently featured on VICE News!